Our selection of works and interviews corresponds to the world's most relevant and visible buildings and architects of today's architectural panorama. All of this is made to verify the scope and coherence of their proposals.

The in-depth methodology of our video productions aims at portraying the everyday use of the buildings we have selected and to present the discourses of its designers, in order to produce a contrast between both of them. All of the research, logistics, filming, interviews and video-edition tasks have been covered by our editorial team, with an experience of more than 200 building records and 100 interviews to architects, academics and editors.

Our research on both buildings and their architects consists on digesting all of the material available -printed and digital-, in order to achieve a much more critical and comprehensive insight on the relationship between the work of architecture and its author. The interviews register the personal and professional aspects of each architect, while our video portraits of buildings have a pedagogical approach - they aim to be a research resource, rather than a promotional clip for a particular architect.

OnArchitecture's content has been carefully contextualized in order to facilitate its comprehension and didactic use. All of this is accomplished by making the references, influences and conceptual linkages between our material explicit. In addition, videos have been edited considering technical information, thematic groups, tags, timeframes and audiovisual features -all of which helps us to articulate a synthetic and deep panorama of contemporary architecture.