Introduction to On Architecture [FAQ]

1. What is OnArchitecture?

OnArchitecture is an audiovisual database for institutional users -architects, academics, researchers and students-, featuring the main trends in the field of architecture. It is a global scale project, produced by Chilean architects and considering the potential embedded in 1.086 architecture schools and almost 3 million architecture students throughout the world.

2. Which are the contents featured in OnArchitecture?

OnArchitecture's content includes video-interviews to prominent architects throughout the world, audiovisual records of their main works, installations as well as interviews to the users of those spaces. Video format is an attractive way to approach these contents, which are enriched with relevant information such as technical specifications, project's briefs, biographies, external content, etc. OnArchitecture has developed this body of work throughout 6 years and it is updated on a regular basis.

3. How does OnArchitecture works?

OnArchitecture is an online platform accessible through conventional web browsers. We recommend Google Chrome web browsers. No extra plug-ins are required, since the site uses standard HTML5 programming. OnArchitecture requires a proper Internet connection in order to stream videos with no interruptions or download delays. When used on Campus, we recommend using cable broadband connections. On remote connections, any kind of domestic broadband service would be enough for real-time video streaming.

OnArchitecture provides simultaneous on-campus and remote access and is fully compatible with portable devices such as Notebooks, Netbooks, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones and many others, including operating systems such as Android and iOS, in all of their versions. OnArchitecture has multiple search criteria, like exploratory or specific searches and access to related videos according to various parameters which are based in standard indexing systems, together with an internal search engine in order to find the links between the site's material and first quality external content.

4. What is so specific about OnArchitecture?

OnArchitecture's main features are a careful selection of content, our production methodology and the service we provide. Our selection of works and interviews corresponds to the world's most relevant and visible buildings and architects of today's architectural panorama. All of this in order to verify the scope and coherence of their proposals. The in-depth methodology of our video productions aims at portraying the everyday use of the buildings we have selected and also to present the discourses of its designers, in order to produce a contrast between both of them. All of the research, logistics, filming, interviews and video-edition tasks have been covered by our editorial team, with an experience of more than 250 building records and 150 interviews to architects, artists, academics and editors. Interviews are articulated as in-depth profiles of the authors we select, together with the main problematics embedded in their projects, in order to achieve a more intimate, critical and thoughtful insight on the intentions displayed in their works. As for building recordings, it is clear that our products are not promotional advertisements for a particular author: they are didactic and documentary portraits with the critical tone which has brought us global recognition.

This service provides specialized searches and linkages between OnArchitecture's content and external references. OnArchitecture can be accessed by an unlimited number of simultaneous users -a big difference from printed resources. We also provide an internal search engine and certified content, all of which are not available in free-access websites.

5. Which are OnArchitecture's certifications, alliances and/or collaborations?

Due to the quality of our content, we have been involved in joint productions commissioned by prestigious international institutions such as Editorial Gustavo Gili, la Caixa Foundation, TOTO, and Vitra. Our work has been displayed in galleries such as the Gallery MA in Tokyo, SOLO Galerie in Paris, Barcelona Design Museum, Heinz Architectural Center – Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, just to name a few.

6. Who is using OnArchitecture today?

Our catalog of videos is currently available in several prestigious schools of architecture throughout the world, such as the UC Architecture School in Chile, MIT, Harvard GSD, University of Toronto, Tokyo University of Science, Princeton and ETH, amongst many others. We decided to present our work in international institutions after realizing that our content was demanded by architecture schools, academics and students throughout the world.

7. Which are the benefits of OnArchitecture?

We have verified that OnArchitecture is a valuable resource for architecture schools and programs because it provides quality, innovation and novelty to the pedagogical, documentary and bibliographical resources used in the education of future architects, thus contributing to the regular certification processes of their schools.

This is why we have made joint ventures together with the institutions subscribed to our service in order to align our content and applications with the particular guidelines and needs of each school, in both local and global scale.

8. Which are OnArchitecture's main features for academics?

OnArchitecture is valuable as an up-to-date source for academics, a tool to enhance their educational work and boost their curricular and methodological resources, in both workshops and research activities. OnArchitecture is a contemporary teaching tool, captivating students' interest and new learning patterns based on digital media and a global scope.

9. Which are OnArchitecture's main features for students?

OnArchitecture helps to enhance the student's initiative, self-learning, critical thinking and global perspective, all of which contribute to educate better architects. This is achieved with first-source material on buildings and the discourses behind them, providing intellectual and practical tools for their future careers.

OnArchitecture's mix of high quality content displayed in web-based video format -easy to consume and assimilate- aims towards the development of new and attractive methodologies in research and practice.

10. Which are the next steps of OnArchitecture?

OnArchitecture is a project with a global scope, promoting the development of better architecture in all of the schools throughout the world. We are constantly updating our project in terms of scope, service and service.

11. Why acquire OnArchitecture services?

We trust that our service can be a valid contribution to institutions like yours: firstly, because of the use of video as a tool to represent architecture and secondly because of the care in the editorial criteria used in our service, in order to provide high-quality, firs primary content. Our on-line service is the first and most important of its kind, integrating hundreds of videos and more every year -with no advertising, just pure knowledge.

12. How does access works once we are subscribed?

Users can access to our content with an individualized user-name and password which might correspond with his or her institutional email and a random password which can be changed at our website. Users can be created, replaced or erased in the administrator platform, within the limit of users subscribed by the institution. IP authentication is also included.

13. Do you provide usage statistics?

We do provide rear-time statistics available on an administrator platform which can be managed by the Library staff or School academics. Statistics are divided by groups of users (i.e. “pregrad”, “master”, “faculty”, “local”, etc.) in order to have more detailed usage information on our service.