About OnArchitecture


We aspire that every student, academic, architect or anyone interested in Architecture may use OnArchitecture in order to know, discover, refresh and nurture their vision on our discipline and profession.

OnArchitecture is an online audiovisual service providing a synthetic, deep and detailed panorama of the world's main authors, works, experiences and problematics related to the field of architecture.

OnArchitecture's collection features original videos, such as interviews, buildings and installations, all of this enriched with a selection of complementary material -documents and audiovisuals- about the main authors and figures of contemporary architecture.

OnArchitecture allows you to explore all its content through various search methods. Its catalogue is carefully indexed, linked and segmented in order to facilitate its usage. All of the links between different authors and works have been evidenced in order to stimulate the comprehension and assimilation of the material.

At the moment, OnArchitecture is only available as an institutional subscription for universities, colleges, institutes, schools and programs related to architectural education.

We have verified that OnArchitecture is a valuable resource for architecture schools and programs because it provides quality, innovation and novelty to the pedagogical, documental and bibliographical resources used in the education of future architects.

OnArchitecture is a contribution to academics, updating their knowledge and boosting their educative practice -both on site and in classes- dynamizing their methodological and didactical resources.

Librarians have found OnArchitecture to be a collection, which can be accessed from any location and device -simultaneously and unlimitedly-, in which users can be administrated into various types of groups with real-time usage statistics.

Students have found OnArchitecture to be a catalyst for their initiative, self-learning, critical thinking and global perspective of the discipline; thus contributing to form better architects -who will eventually make better architecture-.